“The user must be able to trust that things are going well and the government has its duties to monitor and regulate this for the users.”

“What you see is that organisations who have a lot of money, can make sure to get information across. Smaller organisations that mostly rely on volunteers, but could otherwise have a very important vision regarding these issues, have a lot less opportunities.”
“I think it’s smart to say that we should stop all algorithmic decision making within the government, both on a national and a local level.”
“Creating, often bot-driven, anonymous accounts solely to change the discourse, that’s something for which you should hold platforms accountable.”
“I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. I get a lot of hate messages, but I block liberally.”

“Security cameras, that is one thing where we really differed in political opinion. The majority believes in the false contrast between safety and privacy. We think that safety of course can’t exist without privacy.”

“We should label Big Tech algorithms as high risk, because when it comes to categorisation they are considered low risk, from what I understand, because it’s “only” newsfeeds. This means there is no regulation at all.”