Bharath Ganesh

Researcher in disinformation, extremism, and technology

Bharath Ganesh is an assistant professor of Media Studies at the University of Groningen. His research explores technology, governance, and dignity, and currently focuses on the intersections between platforms and racism, hate speech, and extremism. He studies how extremist networks of users exploit social media platforms as well as how platform companies have responded to this challenge.

His recent publications explore the cultures of far right publics online, political communication, disinformation, and platform governance. Before joining the University of Groningen, Bharath was a researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute as a contributor to the EU-funded VOX-Pol project on extremism online. He completed his PhD in Geography in 2017 at University College London. Currently, working with colleagues at MF School of Theology, Religion, and Society and Oslo Metropolitan University, Bharath is a contributor to the INTERSECT research project on Global Flows of Islamophobia.

Bharath is also a Comenius Teaching Fellow for 2021-2022 funded by NWO (Dutch Research Council) to develop teaching innovation in visual methods. His recent work can be found in Cultural Studies, Journal of European Integration, and Policy & Internet.