An artistic research project focusing on the recent and ongoing debates surrounding the rollout of the 5G network across Europe.



Ansible departs from the global roll-out of the 5G infrastructure to explore the disconnect between the speed of telecommunications and the human act of communication. The work explores these themes not only within the finished piece itself, but also in the documentation of the creation process: over the course of several months, the artists left improvised scripted voice messages on each other’s phones, each in their own native language.

Yedam Ann (Germany)

Yedam Ann is an artist based in Berlin. Her interest in separation, convergence, and complexity from how differentness of identities is dealt with in community is visualized in the video, space installation and performance. Currently, she explores the interlocking identities of space and humans in a public area.


Alexander Walmsley (Germany)

Alexander Walmsley is a media artist and programmer with a particular interest in urban landscapes, technological environments and infrastructures. His work is situated primarily between 3D and photography, and makes use of a variety of media, including photography, photogrammetry, VR/AR and video. His recent work has been shown at the 59. Venice Biennale, Daejeon Biennale of Arts and Sciences, Tirana Art Lab, Sharjah Art Foundation, The Photographers’ Gallery, and VRHam! Festival. He previously studied archaeology and anthropology at the Universities of Cambridge (UK) and Geneva (CH).


Sixin Zeng (The Netherlands)

Sixin Zeng is an artist and graphic designer based in Den Haag, The Netherlands. Various media such as video, publication, sculpture, and other visual ephemera are in her practice functionally to share and narrate stories that are extracted from facts of real life and blended with fiction. Her often-participatory works are driven by intrinsic considerations of the fragments of life she experienced and scraps that received from other living beings, anonymous objects, and environments, primarily leading her to the themes of migration, diaspora, feminism, and topics hovering on top of the intersection, which influence her most as an individual.