An art installation in public space, that reflects critically reflect on the digital agency and digital kinship of all critters

BUG investigates how we look at insects and asks: Who or what determines our perception of an animal? Biosurveillance has become more popular over the past decade and now bug fights have become a source of entertainment. Look into the BUG telescope and you become a voyeur of a vibrant ecosystem living in networks of channels. While you surveil, wait to be entertained and discover new truths about this underground universe, BUG looks back at you.

Antje Jacobs (Amarante Swift) (Belgium)

Antje Jacobs is a PhD candidate at the University of Leuven (Belgium) and the University of Melbourne (Australia). She has a background in art studies and science and technology studies. Her research focuses on bio art and its epistemic potential to de-center the human and to highlight multispecies entanglements. In the participatory and co-creative research, and within the theoretical framework of posthumanism, she engages with the existential question of how the human species will get through an escalating situation of power cuts and digital blackouts. The project aims to envision progressive futures in which multispecies relationality will become the new normal.


Denisa Pubalova (The Netherlands)

Denisa Pubalova is an interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of art and science, focusing on processes beyond the human experience. Her curious practice involves many disciplines ranging from art, through posthumanities, speculative philosophy, and new media studies, to the fields of science. She works in generative art with scientific data to communicate post-anthropocentric theories. Currently, she is researching data fetishisation in the nexus of art and science.


Lea Luka Sikau (Germany)

Artist-researcher Lea Luka Sikau conducts her PhD on rehearsal processes, technology and new opera at the University of Cambridge. She has been a Fellow at Harvard University’s Mellon School for Performance and was awarded with the Bavarian Cultural Award for her research at MIT. Lea Luka has worked together with some of the most sought-after visionaries in the arts such as Marina Abramovic, Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll), Paola Prestini (National Sawdust NYC), and Romeo Castellucci. Amongst others, Lea Luka got commissioned by Ars Electronica Festival, Climate Week NYC, Earth Institute and Reeperbahnfestival for creating performances and media art installations.