Decoding the Mutations of Truth

An interactive art installation exploring the alarming societal impact of post-truth, through the metaphor of gene mutations.

This interactive installation explores the alarming societal impacts of post-truth, and how its growth is being accelerated by generative AI and deep fake technologies. Using gene mutation to symbolise the morphing and distortion of truth, the Fake News Generator produces news targeting European Union policymakers and institutions – demonstrating the destabilising potential of similar, real-world scenarios.

Aslı Dinç (Germany)

Aslı Dinç is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher based in Berlin. Her works focus on the production of speculations, loops, installations and performances, with particular emphasis on dystopian narratives, tech capitalism and human-non-human-machine interactions. She is a member of the PASAJ independent art space and the international performance art platform Performistanbul. She is a co-director and co-curator of the Upper Town art and research program. Her works have been featured, among others, in UdK, Berlin (2022); Centre Pompidou, Paris (2022); VECTOR FESTIVAL: Network Dependencies, Toronto (2021).


Deniz Kurt (The Netherlands)

Deniz Kurt is a media artist and creative technologist, who works in the fields of computational creativity, AI and Machine Learning, generative art, web design and creative coding. Kurt has academic background in Media & Cultural Studies (MSc) and Creative Industries (MA), with dissertation on “Artistic Creativity in Artificial Intelligence”, she gives talks and lectures in the field, and explores the synthesis of technology and art as a medium. Kurt’s body of artworks addresses the projections of algorithmic aesthetics, social studies, and digital media, in combination with speculative future scenarios to augment human experience in a post-digital age.