Decoding the Mutations of Truth

This interactive installation explores the alarming societal impacts of post-truth, and how its growth is being accelerated by generative AI and deepfake technologies. Using gene mutation to symbolise the morphing and distortion of truth, the Fake News Generator produces news targeting European Union policymakers and institutions – demonstrating the destabilising potential of similar, real-world scenarios.  

Cybi0nt is an interactive installation that seeks to explore the alarming acceleration and impact of deepfake news on contemporary society. The project uses the symbolism of gene mutation to represent the morphing and distortion of truth, as simulated through an automated cyberdeck-like machine.

The machine generates deepfake news targeting European Union policymakers and institutions, thus demonstrating the destabilizing potential of such tactics in real-world scenarios. Each piece of fabricated news is then represented as a gene mutation inside a large, wall-mounted Petri dish, which serves as a visual metaphor for the rampant spread of misinformation. In the face of an infodemic, Cybi0nt offers a potent critique of the current information landscape. The mutating gene in the Petri dish symbolizes how each piece of disinformation disrupts our understanding of reality, much like a genetic mutation can alter an organism’s function. In addition to a video installation, visitors are invited to interact with the cyber news machine, triggering the generation of new deepfakes and subsequently observing the mutation unfold. This interactive element provokes individual reflection on our role in the propagation of fake news, our susceptibility to it, and our responsibility in combating it.

Cybi0nt is not only an art project but a societal commentary and a call to action. By witnessing the disturbing metamorphosis of truth, we hope to inspire critical thinking and responsible information consumption in our digital age.

Aslı Dinç (Germany)

Aslı Dinç is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher. Her works focus on the production of speculations, loops, installations and performances, with particular emphasis on dystopian narratives, tech capitalism and human-non-human-machine interactions. She is a member of the PASAJ independent art space and the international performance art platform Performistanbul. She is a co-director and co-curator of the Upper Town art and research program.

Her works have been featured, among others, in Ars Electronica, Linz (2023); FutureFantastic, Banglore (2022); HKW, Berlin (2022); UdK, Berlin (2022); Centre Pompİdou, Paris (2022); VECTOR FESTIVAL: Network Dependencies, Toronto (2021).


Deniz Kurt (The Netherlands)

Deniz Kurt is a Media Artist & Lecturer / Creative Technologist based in Amstardam.
Her focus of work is the synthesis of technology, art and design as a medium, while also trying to express the existential challenges in a digital world. Kurt’s works addresses the speculative scenarios around post-anthropocentrism, future design, generative art, bio-design, algorithmic aesthetics through computational creativity, and audio-visual installations, to manifest the human perception in the age of machine intelligence.

She exhibited in spaces such as Luxembourg AI Pavillon (2021), NDSM Fuse (2022), Ars Electronica, IMPAKT and Dutch Design Week (2022), the HMM FYI (2023), Sketch to Pixel Digital Art Turkey (2023).




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