A project that draws attention to the omnipresence of Google on the internet. GOOGLESS aims at pushing alternative tools that don’t rely on the google platform, while educating on Google’s problematic aspects in a playful but provocative way. Through three mediums the team will offer to the public and to politicians the chance to experience a utopian vision of the internet, one without the presence of Google.

Ola Bonati

Timo Meilof

Kwan Suppaiboonsuk

Fred Wordie


I think it’s a really brilliant way of showing the extent to which the web fundamentally depends on Google.


A fun project, I would like to forward this project to our followers.


It shows that a key issue is market power, market concentration, antitrust and competition.


I thought Googless is very interesting and insightful.


I would love to see this project incorporating more xploration into alternatives to Google services.


I think it’s amazing, because if you actually experience what Google is doing and what is possible without it, that can give people the feeling that they have a choice.


I think this plug-in is an easy, playful and very provocative way to show how powerful Google is.


What I like about Googless is that it actually visualizes what Google is looking at when you use the internet,