On the Exactitude of Maps

An investigation of the ownership of spatial data, through the shape of an audio-based interactive tour guide.

Digital maps representing the physical world are built and updated in real-time as people use their devices to navigate public space. Even while wandering aimlessly, users generate data trails which are captured and fed back into a cybernetic leviathan. On the Exactitude of Maps contrasts user reviews with excerpts from critical reflections to raise questions about the ownership of geospatial data in a global economy and what that implies for the generation of value in contemporary cities.

Rebekka Jochem (Belgium)

Rebekka Jochem was born in Cologne and studied Product Design at the Hochschule Wismar, in the North of Germany. This is where her interest in feminist approaches to technology started to form. After graduating she decided to follow up on these interests at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. In her work which often takes the form of a combination between electronics and textiles, she looks closely at body-technology interfaces and how the politics within biometric data influences digital identities. Currently based in Brussels, Rebekka is now developing her practice.

Felipe Schmidt Fonseca (Germany)

Felipe Schmidt Fonseca is a Berlin-based Brazilian activist and free/open advocate turned researcher. Currently he is a PhD candidate at the Northumbria University, investigating waste prevention and generous cities in the OpenDoTT project. Through the last two decades Felipe was a co-founder and leader of a number of community and networking initiatives dedicated to critical thinking – and making – in the crossroads between culture, science, technology and society. Some examples are Tropixel, MetaReciclagem, CulturaDigital.BR, Bricolabs, Rede//Labs, Lixo Eletrônico, Ciência Aberta Ubatuba, UbaLab.