Pay with Your Gaze

A critical exploration of the use of eye tracking technolgy and nudging strategies by big tech companies.


The natural movement of our eyes is being marketed as a ‘next generation’, intuitive interface. This simple human gesture has become yet another resource to be exploited by surveillance capitalism. How much is our gaze at a screen worth? Pay with Your Gaze raises awareness on the misuse of eye tracking technologies and the true value of our online attention.

Vinciane Dahéron (Belgium)

Vinciane Dahéron is an artist and graphic designer currently living in Brussels. She works with libre and open sources tools, and uses hacking in collaborative and experimental projects to point out problematic uses of technology. Her research is including, writing with bots and algorithms, web to print, changing the interaction between bodies and surveillance tool. She also teaches during workshops about ways to create graphic design projects with programming.


Marion Lissarrague (Belgium)

Marion Lissarrague is a queer artist based in Brussels. His practice uses video, installation, performance, graphic design to explore techno-politics. Her current research focuses on the eugenics and essentialist evolution of a digital society deeply rooted in binaries, and investigates through installations the shaping of a networked, measurable reality reduced to a technological simulacrum. Her practice spans a repertory of investigation, documentary fictions, hijacked archives, found footages, sculptures unveiling the limits of digital patterns. Mixing research and experimentation, his works leads to apprehend technologies outside their classification, outside of static entities while using the unknown as an entry point.


Ana Spagnolo López (Belgium)

Ana is an industrial/product designer but she prefers to refer to herself as a designer in general due to the diverse set of projects she has been involved in the past few years. Related to gender, education, mobility, spatial, urban, sustainable and interface design. She is also an assistant teacher in a design studio at her home school: Universidad de Buenos Aires. Currently doing her master´s degree in media and information design at LUCA school of arts.


Helena Roig (The Netherlands)

Helena is a visual artist from Barcelona with a documentary photographic background exploring the possibilities of interdisciplinary methodology across mediums, currently concentrating on digital imagery, video, online archives, and traditional lens-based practices. Her practice is informed by a response to the perverse relationship between the photographic medium, power, and the challenges of consent that comes with it. Helena’s working process is always driven by collaboration and community-building processes. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, she is exploring the political aspects of digital intimacy from a xenofeminist perspective.