Smart Border

A campaign about the dangers of new dystopian tech being used on the European borders in order to track and capture migrants. Smart Border is also a call to action: it encourages the general public to support the campaign to change the AI act to ensure a more just regulation with respect for human rights.

Etta Harkness Bartholdi

Saeeda Saeed

Sarah Haffar
Pierre Depaz
Lizzie Reid

Lukas Hondrich

Helin Ulas

Stephanie Walravens

Sara Žišković

The Smart Border project is, I think, a very interesting and well-designed project.


This could actually make some headlines.


It brings across this really important point that risks and harms are unevenly distributed.


It’s a very cool way to illustrate what the future might hold for us.


I am very happy to share this with my colleagues working on migration rights.


I really adore this ARGUS project, because it blends in so well with other technologies.