Each year, participants from from several European countries take part in a process of collaboration, discussion, and co-creation. Together they produced projects that address specific issues concerning our digital agency and the power of big tech.

Here you can explore these projects and interact with them. Enjoy!

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On The exactitude of maps

An investigation of the ownership of spatial data, through the shape of an audio-based interactive tour guide.



An installation that explores the identification, control, and personalization of our voice and hearing in the highly curated digital public space.

Tracking for Love

A provocative social experiment that aims to address the issue of non-consensual, intransparent online user tracking, by exposing this technology through a dating platform.



An artistic research project focusing on the recent and ongoing debates surrounding the rollout of the 5G network across Europe.



An art installation in public space, that reflects critically reflect on the digital agency and digital kinship of all critters


Pay with your Gaze

A critical exploration of the use of eye tracking technolgy and nudging strategies by big tech companies.



Decoding the Mutations of Truth

An interactive art installation exploring the alarming societal impact of post-truth, through the metaphor of gene mutations.

My virtual mermaid

Natural Field Recordings

An auditive performance and art project, which focuses on our relation to signals, notifications, and alarms through the use of sampling, distortion, and mixing techniques.


An artistic application that analyses the ways in which we work with information and data through the use of AI technology and biology.

Atlas of ID

A project that puts your future in the hand of machines’ generalizations and probabilities of you.


A fictional product that stimulates reflection on how often we are being manipulated online, how susceptible we are to techno-optimism and how easy it is to fall into the over-productivity narrative.

Logging into Identity

A web-based project that presents a symbiotic, sometimes chaotic and emotionally moving, connection between the software and the user.


Loyal citizen calculator

A prototype which recreates facial recognition systems and subjects visitors to an “e-law platform”.

DSMA UnLimited

We give you influence

DSMA UnLimited is a company that strives to democratise lobbying.

Making the Invisible Visible

An evocative intervention that brings the reality of online tracking to the physical space.


A project that draws attention to the omnipresence of Google on the internet.

Smart Border

A campaign about the dangers of new dystopian tech being used on the European borders.